Cooper-Bing Vocal Competition

2015 Cooper-Bing Vocal Competition

The purpose of the Opera Columbus Cooper-Bing Vocal Competition is to discover, recognize, and encourage young operatic talent through cash prizes and a New York City recital debut at Opera America's Emerging Artists Recital Series.

OPERA America’s Emerging Artist Recital Series

The Emerging Artist Recital Series ( reflects the joint efforts of OPERA America and its members to identify and nurture the careers of today’s most promising young artists. Through performances on the stage of Marc A. Scorca Hall at the National Opera Center in New York City, opera companies present competition winners and stars from their professional training programs, introducing their talents to a broad community of producers and other casting professionals who can help advance their careers. Each recital is also live streamed, enabling audiences around the globe to discover these rising artists.

Founded in 1970, OPERA America ( is the national nonprofit service organization for opera. From its headquarters at the National Opera Center in New York City, the organization leads and serves the entire opera community, supporting the creation, presentation and enjoyment of opera.

Cooper-Bing Competition Finals: April 26, 2015
Time: 2pm
Location: Southern Theatre

For tickets, call the CAPA Ticket Center at 614.469.0939 or Ticketmaster at 1.800.745.3000, visit the CAPA Ticket Center in person at the Ohio Theatre (39 E. State Street), or visit or any Ticketmaster outlet.


  1. Talya Lieberman
  2. Melody Wilson
  3. Brent Turner
  4. So Young Park
  5. Ray Chenez

Audience Choice: So Young Park

Encouragement Award: Joshua Cook


  1. Lisa Chavez (mezzo-soprano)

Audience Favorite: Lisa Chavez (mezzo-soprano)

Encouragement Award (new in 2013): Michaella Cipriani


  1. Li Yi (tenor)
  2. Margaret Mezzacappa (mezzo-soprano)
  3. Eric Jurenas (countertenor)
  4. Nian Wang (soprano)

Audience Favorite: Li Yi (tenor)


  • Emma Char (mezzo-soprano)
  • Karen Chia-ling Ho (soprano)
  • Sarah Larsen (mezzo-soprano)
  • Reginald Smith, Jr. (baritone)


  1. Xi Wang
  2. Thomas Florio
  3. Audrey Walstrom
  4. Chabrelle Williams

Audience Favorite: Calvin Griffin


  • Cameo Humes
  • Calvin Griffin
  • Karen Jesse
  • Lara Lynn Cottrill-Nelson


  1. Danielle Talamantes
  2. Nathan Stark
  3. Craig Verm

Honorable Mention: Chelsea Friedlander

Audience Favorite: Danielle Talamantes

Diction: Nathan Stark


  • Allen Boxer
  • Edward Mout
  • Tania Mandzy


  1. Joseph Barron
  2. Jennifer Forni
  3. Katherine Lerner

Honorable Mention: Catherine Martin

Audience Favorite: Jennifer Forni


  • Katherine Tombaugh
  • Elizabeth Baldwin
  • Kevin Ray
  • Carolina Castells

Diction: Nathan Stark


Senior Division

  1. Jonathan Beyer
  2. Hein Jung
  3. Jose Álvarez

Honorable Mention: Joshua Kohl

Audience Favorite: Eleni Calenos

Diction: Jonathan Beyer

Junior Division

  1. Paul Scholten
  2. Samuel Levine
  3. Katherine Tombaugh

Honorable Mention: Andrea Shokery

Diction: Andrea Shokery


Senior Division

  1. Kathyrn Leemhuis
  2. Nicholas Pallesen
  3. Audrey Luna

Honorable Mention: Meredith Hansen

Audience Favorite: Audrey Luna

Diction: Kathyrn Leemhuis

Junior Division

  1. Jennifer Forni
  2. Andrea Shokery
  3. Caitlin Andrews

Honorable Mention: Brent Turner

Diction: Brent Turner


Senior Division

  1. Lucas Meachem
  2. Caitlin Lynch
  3. Deborah Selig

Honorable Mention: Mary Elizabeth Williams

Junior Division

  1. Edward Parks III
  2. Andrea Shokery
  3. Nicholas Nesbitt

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Braun


Senior Division

  1. Sean Anderson
  2. Emilio Jimenez Pons
  3. David Babinet

Honorable Mention: Brian Banion

Diction: Brain Banion

Junior Division

  1. Shaina Taelman
  2. Paul Scholten
  3. Paulette Maria Penzvalto

Honorable Mention: Megan Brus

Diction: Shaina Taelman


Senior Division

  1. Laura Smith
  2. Tamara Regensberger
  3. Benjamin Bunsold

Honorable Mention: Adam Schultz

Audience Favorite: Laura Smith

Diction: Laura Smith

Junior Division

  1. Kathryn Leemhuis
  2. Matthew Pena
  3. Heidi Wells

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Baldwin

Diction: Marie Masters


Senior Division

  1. Liora Grodnikaite
  2. Malia Bendi Merad
  3. Chia-wei Lee & Charlene Canty (tie)

Honorable Mention: Tamara Regensberger

Audience Favorite: Malia Bendi Merad

Diction: Anissa Hartline

Junior Division

  1. Margaret Heffner
  2. David McFerrin Lemly
  3. Susan Musselman

Honorable Mention: Deborah Selig

Diction: Deborah Selig


Senior Division

  1. Andrew Wilkowske
  2. Christopher Hutton
  3. Jodi Karem

Honorable Mention: Brian Banion

Audience Favorite: Marcía Porter

Diction: Marcía Porter

Junior Division

  1. Liora Grodnikaite
  2. Jesse Blumberg
  3. Alyson Cambridge

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth De Shong

Diction: Liora Grodnikaite


Senior Division

  1. Jason Budd
  2. Helen Allen
  3. John Wade Thomas

Honorable Mention: Esther Hyun Nam

Audience Favorite: Helen Allen

Diction: Jason Budd

Junior Division

  1. Andrew Garland
  2. Sarah Lewis Jones
  3. Linda Fluck

Honorable Mention: Timothy Oliver

Diction: Linda Fluck


Senior Division

  1. Carolyn Redman
  2. Alexander Puhrer
  3. Daniel Weeks

Honorable Mention: Scott LeGraff

Audience Favorite: Coral Owdom

Diction: John Wesley Wright

Junior Division

  1. Laurie Rubin
  2. Adam Schultz
  3. Marcia Davis

Honorable Mention: Laura Portune

Diction: Adam Kirkpartick


Senior Division

  1. Teresa Dody
  2. Sarah Yorke-Lyke
  3. Samuel Smith

Honorable Mention: Hsai-Chun Tai & Sandra Dugan

Junior Division

  1. Megan Frank
  2. Michael Slattery
  3. Carolyn Betty

Honorable Mention: Eliza Warner


Senior Division

  1. Elena Kolganova
  2. Janice Creswell
  3. Jennifer Davis Jones

Honorable Mention: Gustav Andreassan

Diction: Karen Driscoll

Junior Division

  1. Martha Guth
  2. Mark Mulligan
  3. Abra Bush

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Bromagen


Senior Division

  1. Laura Pederson
  2. Heawon Moon
  3. Ruthann Manley

Honorable Mention: David Templeton

Audience Favorite: Dina Kuznetsova

Junior Division

  1. Lynn James
  2. David Moore
  3. Benjamin Bunsold

Honorable Mention: Eliza Warner


Senior Division

  1. Helen Todd
  2. Diana Heldman
  3. Robert Barefield

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Goodstein & David Michael

Junior Division

  1. Kerri Marcinko
  2. Rebecca Pitcher
  3. Kristi Matson

Honorable Mention: Andrew Nolen


Senior Division

  1. Frank Hernandez
  2. Amy Cochrane
  3. Elizabeth Graham

Honorable Mention: Adele Karam

Junior Division

  1. Nicole Heaston
  2. Kerri Marcinko
  3. Kristi Matson

Honorable Mention: Lynette Borman


Senior Division

  1. Susan Wallin
  2. Amy Cochrane
  3. Elizabeth Miller

Honorable Mention: George Cordes & Samuel Smith

Junior Division

  1. Kelly Harrier
  2. Kristi Matson
  3. Melinda Green

Honorable Mention: Clinton Campbell


Senior Division

  1. Todd Thomas
  2. Theresa Cincione
  3. Diana Heldman

Honorable Mention: J.R. Fralick

Junior Division

  1. Jennifer Carnahan
  2. Elizabeth Graham
  3. Kelley Mack

Honorable Mention: Lori Wilson


Senior Division

  1. Lori McCann
  2. Maria Caruso
  3. Jody Kidwell

Honorable Mention: Stephanie Johnson

Junior Division

  1. Stephani Bissinger
  2. Lyn Jacobson
  3. Tamara Watson

Honorable Mention: Kenya Amburgey


Senior Division

  1. John Koch
  2. Bonnie Hoke
  3. Diana Heldman

Honorable Mention: Lori McCann

Junior Division

  1. Cheryl Smith
  2. Andrea Saposnik
  3. Robert McDonald

Honorable Mention: Jeanne Stein


Senior Division

  1. Denyce Graves
  2. Richard Zeller
  3. Stephan Gould

Junior Division

  1. Heidi Rose Skok
  2. John Hines
  3. Theresa Williams

Honorable Mention: Connie Coffelt


Senior Division

  1. Steffanie Pearce
  2. Walter Pool
  3. Robert Chafin

Honorable Mention: Lee Starr & Lori Wyant

Junior Division

  1. Dennis Jesse
  2. Laura Pedersen
  3. Elaine Couch

Honorable Mention: Rachel Inselman, Marlie Millit & Stephanie Summers


Senior Division

  1. Richard Paul Fink
  2. Richard Rebilas
  3. Steffanie Pearce

Honorable Mention: Mark A. Baker & Daniel May

Junior Division

  1. A. Craig Montgomery
  2. Randall Turner
  3. Randa Rouweya

Honorable Mention: Charles Eversole


Senior Division

  1. Stephanie Carter
  2. Judy Berry
  3. Lynda Keith

Honorable Mention: Richard Rebilas & Kathy Radcliff

Junior Division

  1. Stephanie Johnson
  2. Anne Richie
  3. Mark Baker

Honorable Mention: Dennis Jesse


Senior Division

  1. Stanford Olsen
  2. William Florescu
  3. Hillary Nicholson & DaleTravis

Junior Division

  1. Katherine Keen
  2. Sarah Wilson
  3. Mark Baker


Senior Division

  1. Jocelyn McDonald
  2. Lynda Keith
  3. Jeffrey Martin

Honorable Mention: Kim Kodes

Junior Division

  1. Susan Foster
  2. Janet Wilson
  3. Cecilia Wasson

Honorable Mention: Sarah Wilson


Senior Division

  1. Stephen Lusman
  2. Steffanie Pearce
  3. Marjorie Bennett

Junior Division

  1. Clara O’Brien


Senior Division

  1. Peter Loehle
  2. Sandra Moon
  3. Young-Ae Cho