Opera Goes to School

Opera Goes to School

As part of an affiliation between Opera Columbus and The Ohio State University Opera Lyric Theatre, Ohio State students are cast in Opera Columbus’ "Opera Goes To School" educational program. This program is in partnership with The Ohio State School of Music partially funded by The Ohio State University Arts Initiative.

Billy Goats Gruff*

An after school game of hide and seek is ruined for three billy goat friends when a big bully blocks a bridge, preventing them from being able to go home. Remembering what their moms, dads and teachers have told them about dealing with bullies, two boy billy goats resolve to go home a different, longer way and share their difficulties with grownups. The littlest girl goat, however, not wanting to abandon the beloved doll that’s been snatched from her, tromps to the crest of the bridge and, confronting the bully, prevails by inadvertently pushing him into the creek below. Concerned for his well-being she shows her would-be adversary kindness by asking if he’s OK. He responds by asking if she’s OK. By the time the two boys return with help, she’s able to introduce a soggy, forlorn ex-bully as their new friend.

The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute is an enchanting introduction to the genius of Mozart. This adaptation tells the story of the noble Prince Tamino, the heroic Princess Pamina, the birdman Papageno, the evil Queen of the Night, and her assistant, Three-headed Lady. The Magic Flute's beautiful melodies and comical characters delight youngsters, while thematic points concerning facing challenges and learning to forgive generate thoughtful discussion.

*Opera Chorus (Only Billy Goats Gruff) Should you choose a student chorus, Opera Columbus staff will come to your school a few weeks prior to the performance to stage the student chorus so they know where to stand and act in the show. Opera Columbus also offers a one-hour, in-school student workshop on the day of the performance that helps up to 40 students perform as part of the opera chorus. Teachers are provided with the chorus music and CD in advance.

Educational Materials

Resource guides, chorus parts, and rehearsal CDs (if applicable) and tutorial CDs will be sent to participating schools upon processing of the reservation. For teacher convenience, resource guides and chorus parts are sent in PDF format.

Improv Opera

What happens when you mix four opera singers, one box of stage props, a dash of operatic terminology, and the imagination of the audience? You get Opera Columbus' Improv Opera!

"Funny!", "Brilliant!", "Amazing!" are just some of the words used to describe this fast-paced program that introduces operatic voices and terminology, drama, and story structure in a unique, interactive format. With "fill in the blank" and multiple choice questions, Improv Opera allows the audience to decide the fate of the performers as they create a world premiere opera that is then performed right in front of their very eyes.


Opera Columbus' in-school educational programs for Winter/Spring 2017 will be available for booking October, 2016. For more information call Destiny Coleman, Director of Education and Community Programming at 614.384.5636 or email at dcoleman@operacolumbus.org.

Please Note

Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive an invoice within two weeks of your order. Full payment and any cancellations or changes must be made 14 days prior to performance.