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What should I wear?
There is no "dress code" for the opera. Some patrons choose to dress for a special occasion and other prefer to keep it casual.

Where are the operas performed?
All Opera Columbus performances will take place at the Southern Theatre (21 E. Main Street)

Where should I park?
Parking is available at the Columbus Commons Parking Garage off Rich or Main Streets. 

When should I arrive?
Plan on arriving about 30-40 minutes early. This gives you plenty of time to park, get your tickets from will call if you need to and find your seats without feeling rushed. Latecomers are seated (or stand) in the rear of the theatre until ushers take them to their seats at an appropriate point in the production.

What is the pre-performance talk?
The director and/or conductor of that night’s performance host a Q&A session about the show with audience members. This takes place 45 minutes prior to curtain and lasts 20 minutes. This is on the main floor of the theatre and is free to ticket holders.

How will I understand what is going on?
When sung in a foreign language, Opera Columbus provides English translations above the stage for every performance.

When should I applaud?
Some operas are written with natural breaks after the big arias. Applause at these breaks is appropriate and expected. You'll even find the audience shouting its approval with a bravo or brava. Other operas, however, do not have these natural breaks. If you can see the conductor, wait until he or she puts down the baton. If the conductor is still holding the baton, the chances are that the music will continue and should not be interrupted. Wait to see what the more experienced audience members do and follow suit. The members of the orchestra are an important part of the performance and they deserve recognition. Often, when the conductor appears in the pit, he or she will gesture to the orchestra and invite the audience to applaud. This is your chance to show your appreciation for the musicians in the pit.

How long is the performance?
Each opera varies in length. You should plan on being in the theatre for about 2-3 hours.
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