Orphée et Eurydice Virtual Chorus

We need you to join our Global Virtual Chorus!


Opera Columbus in Columbus, Ohio, Against the Grain Theatre, in Toronto, Ontario and Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Banff, Alberta are co-producing a brand new production of Gluck/Berlioz’ groundbreaking opera Orphée et Eurydice. At the time it was written, Orphée et Eurydice changed the way opera was produced and experienced; we hope to do the same with this daring interpretation. This production features a new electronic orchestration, baroque burlesque dancers, sopranos singing from silks and (hopefully) you, part of our Global Virtual Chorus.  

This is where you come in.

We need you to record your voice to three excerpts from the opera. Submitted videos will be stitched together with hundreds of other videos and projected onto our set, and your voice will be mixed to sync with our LIVE Opera orchestra (cool, right?)!

Everything you need is right below.  Give yourself 30 minutes and come join the opera!  

Next steps:

  1. Watch the videos below and practice
  2. Record your video(s)
  3. Submit them via WeTransfer or Dropbox to virtualchorus@operacolumbus.org. Make sure to include your full name, location, section uploading, and if you are an Equity member or not.
  4. Join us for the show on April 20 and 22, 2018 at the Southern Theatre.

For sheet music, click here.

Recording Instructions:

  1. Choose a solid color wall in a contrasting color to your skin tone, hair and shirt.
  2. Frame your face and shoulders centered in the frame, making sure your whole head is in the frame and not cut off
  3. Keep head and body STILL. 
  4. Make sure your favc is well lit, night and bright so we can see your face
  5. Make sure your room is QUIET. Turn off any extraneous sounds, we just want to hear your voice.
  6. Keep your headphones on, but unplugged
  7. Press record on your webcam, and wait for the beep
  8. After you hear the beep, plug in your headphones
  9. Wait for the countdown.



Chorus #1 Instructional:

Chorus #1 Diction:

Chorus #2 Instructional

Chorus #2 Diction

Chorus #3 Instructional

Chorus #3 Diction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the deadline for submissions?
A: February 15, 2018

Q: Where do I submit my video(s)?
A: You can submit them via Dropbox or WeTransfer to virtualchorus@operacolumbus.org

Q: Can I submit a video for just one chorus section?
A: Yes!

Q: Will I get credit for my piece?
A: Yes! The programs of each performance will have the names listed inside

Q: Do I have to sing in French?
A: Yes - the entire production will be performed in French. If French isn't a language you speak, you can learn the pronunciation from the Diction videos.

For additional questions, please send us a message here.

*Thank you for donating your time and submitting your virtual-chorus videos! By submitting these materials, you have read the following and agree to: allow the designers and creative team the use your image, voice, and likeness in all productions of Orphée et Eurydice. You acknowledge that your voluntary submission may be used entirely at and in the discretion of the producing companies. As a voluntary submission, you will not seek any compensation from the producers. Your submission is greatly valued, however, we may not use all submissions in the final project. Any persons with an Equity affiliation must have notified the producers before submission."